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Blue Heron Along Joppatowne Stream

November 6, 2011

After I left Mariner Point Park (watching the sunrise and the birds), I stopped at a little park along Joppa Farm Road. All along I thought it was only a ball field. But on the other side of the road, there was also a sign for the park, in honor of Robert Copenhaver. So I climbed over the road bumper and headed down a delightful trail alongside a stream. Within 100 feet, I was startled by a Great Blue Heron rising up from the stream.

Of course, I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough. But did get this pic of the pretty trail. The stream is on the left, view of it is hidden by the foliage.

The heron stayed about 50 yards in front of me the entire stroll down this trail. Everytime I approached too close for his comfort, he lifted up and glided further down the stream.

This really is a very pretty trail. It’s in a small valley; homes are on either side, on the top of the “hill”. It meanders from Trimble Road down to Joppa Farm Road.

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