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8-pt Buck at Miles Campground

The first weekend of November started with a forecast of unseasonably warm days and zero percent chance of rain. So I went camping; to one of the few places still open for the season – Elk Neck State Park.

All the elements aligned to make this the best camping outing ever:

  • glorious blue sky, not a cloud
  • daytime temps in the 60s; night temps in the high 30s – mid 40s
  • full moon
  • my campsite faced the sun rise
  • on 2 nights, there was no one else in the campground.


So …. it did rain Monday morning. Because the theme of 2011 is “I camp – it rains”.

After the morning rain, the day (and the next several) were gorgeous. Some samples for leaf ID:

A bee sunned itself on one of my camping bins:

Exploring the park – the beach. No one there in November:

Evening at the boat launch area:

Every evening, I made a campfire and watched the moon rise:

Moon shine on the water:

Continuing with theme of 2011,  0% chance of rain: Rain started about 4:00am. Misty, rainy, foggy morning for last day of this trip:

A worm at home in my tent mesh:

Ducks on the river:

Spent a few minutes with the park staff watching an 8-point buck near the bathhouse, trying to get a good photo. The buck didn’t seem to be too bothered by us humans. If we got too close, he’d rush off, but he came back in a few minutes to another side of the bathhouse. Just as I pulled out of campground, I got this shot. [He’s on the left third of the photo, about center; standing in front of two trees. The antlers look whitish.]

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