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Discovery Walk – November – At the Office

During our Master Naturalist training, we had to work on a project. I’ve morphed two of the projects into a plan for my own adventuring and journaling. One team’s project asked you to “Look Up – Look Down – Look Around” and note what you found. Another team’s project sent you in search of different animals, plants, etc. and called it a “Discovery Walk”.

Since the “campus” where I work is practically a park, I thought I’d do my own “Discovery Walk” and capture what I found when I looked “Up, Down, & Around”. It’s a great structure because I walk around our property almost every day. Though I may “see” these every day, I didn’t really notice and observe them.

As background, here’s a section of our walking path:

Let’s start with “Looking Down”:

Earthworm sunning itself on a warm day:

Some cool looking rocks. I love rocks. Just started learning about them. I will go back and properly ID these. But if I waited to write a blog post until I had ID’d everything, I’d never post.

Pink leaves:

and deer tracks:

Looking Up:

Beautiful November day:

A Bird: the yellow-green dot in the center of the photo below.

Post edited for ID: The photo doesn’t indicate much, but from what I remember when I saw the bird, it could be either an American Goldfinch (female) or a Common Yellowthroat. I’m using a “Birds of Maryland & Delaware Field Guide”. The distinctions I’m using are: olive-brown coloring; habitat is open fields, scrubby areas, and woodlands (see next photo); and they are found in this area year-round.

This area of trees had a lot of birds, but I couldn’t get them on camera:

Looking All Around

Mid-November and the trees are mostly bare:

There’s a lot of landscaping on our property. Here’s a pretty red shrub (that I haven’t ID’d yet)

A tree in November:

Our pond:

Ending the Discovery Walk with a furry friend:

He noticed me and scampered to his home, along the sidewalk:

Peeking out at me from his home:

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