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Birds & More Birds – Listening to Bird Sounds

Today I played my new CDs on bird sounds. I had it up loud while I was housecleaning, with my front door partially open. I think all the bird chatter actually attracted birds – at one point, there were about a dozen birds on my tiny lawn scratching in the dirt for food, dozens in the tree across the street, and many on nearby roofs and skittering in the street.

Luckily with my “Birds of Maryland & Delaware Field Guide” book and CD, I was very happy to be able to identify:

  • Cardinals – ID’d by features & colors
  • Blue Jays – ID’d by sound
  • Junco – ID’d by color and behavior: “tan-to-brown chest … white belly … ivory-to-pink bill … is a common winter bird in Maryland and Delaware … Look for its white outer tail feathers flashing when in flight …seen in small flocks on the ground ...”
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