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“Up With The Birds”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One particularly special part of the day is the sound of birds awakening at sunrise. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I love camping – so I can easily wake to all the bird song, calls, and chatter.

I have a book titled “Let’s Go Outside” by Jennifer Ward that describes an activity to get outdoors before the sunrise, snuggle in, and listen to the sounds.

So today I tried it. Here’s a general log of how it unfolded:

  • 5:45 – sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee. It’s still dark. I hear a lot of things, but no birds yet: the hum of heat pumps (one is particularly whiny and annoying); traffic on I-95; surprisingly no trains going by [yet]. The sky is cloudy, so there are no stars to be seen
  • 5:58 – I can see a touch of color in the sky
  • 6:03 – can definitely tell it’s changing from night to day
  • 6:06 – 1st bird sound. A chit-chit-chit
  • 6:14 –  a chirp
  • 6:17 – more chirps. It’s becoming just light enough that I think I can see black specks flying the sky
  • 6:17 – okay, that one really whiny appliance has become super-annoying; but it gets drowned out when everyone’s heat pump kicks on
  • 6:23 – I can see well enough to write
  • 6:27 – Birds !! I hear a “weer-weer-weer”; and a “chp-chp-chp”, and “op-op-op” [like coughing]; and a “dng-dng-dng” [like ringing bells]. A few minutes later, a “ch-weet”; then a very staccato “dir-dir-dir”; then a “ewhp”. Then many more different sounds that I’ve written in my notes.
  • 6:40 – flock of birds flew overhead
  • 6:42 – lots of bird sound, but not very near my house. Like next court over.
  • 6:47 – several small groups (of ~ 6 birds) flew over
  • “Official” sunrise occurs ~6:55

That was a delightful way to while away an hour on Sunday morning. Sunrise:

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