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Field Trip to Robinson Nature Center

A two-story “tree” depicting the seasons of the year and what you’ll find in nature during that time. Follow the boardwalk around & down and you’ll hear audio of critters and birds & play with interactive media. At the bottom is a forest-understory diorama and a beaver home display. Continue and walk through a nocturnal exhibit.

Those are a few of the spectacular exhibits at the Robinson Nature Center in Howard County. Others include a display about the Chesapeake Bay with suggestions on how you can protect it – ranging from why it’s important to pick up your pet poop to explaining why “steamed crabs” are so expensive.

The "tree" seasonal exhibit at Robinson Nature Center

Beaver home

Wall Painting

There’s also a “discovery” / play room for children with tall windows overlooking the forest. (Can I move my office there?)

I didn’t get to see the NatureSphere auditorium area where programs will be held.

Outdoors will be spectacular when nature crawls out of hibernation. Right outside the front door is a seating area which actually is the roof of the auditorium – it’s planted as a “green roof”. Other gardens have been planted; and a butterfly garden and greenhouse are planned. There’s also a Nature Trail taking you through the woods and along the Middle Patuxent River – I’ve visited portions several times.

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