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Squirrel Appreciation Day – Jan 21

Today, Jan 21, is Squirrel Appreciation Day. As my cousin said, “Who knew?”  :). Squirrel Appreciation Day was created by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove of Asheville, North Carolina.

In case you missed it today, I’m sure the squirrels will appreciate some attention on any other day of the year, too. To help you celebrate the occasion properly, here are some resources. [Just click on the orange text, it’s a hyperlink.]

10 Amazing Things About Squirrels from National Wildlife Federation

7 Ways to Celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day from National Wildlife Federation

A helpful form to guide you in observing squirrels from Ranger Rick magazine

More tips on celebrating the day, from National Wildlife Federation

eHow offers suggestions on learning about squirrels, feeding them, and celebrating them!

An article from the Washington Post

On the other hand, if maybe you’re not full of squirrel appreciation as I was this afternoon because one tried endlessly to get into my birdfeeders … Tips to outwit squirrels, also from National Wildlife Federation.

Enjoy the happy occasion!

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