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Not Everyday Do You Find a Deer Carcass (Patapsco Valley SP)

I’m a middle-aged / baby-boomer female who has spent most of my career at a desk, in a typical corporate setting.

So it’s unusual and surprising when I find myself on a cold January afternoon, right before the sun sets, at a state park by myself, exploring along the edge of the Patapsco River. And I find a deer carcass; I think that’s really cool!

Actually though, I was at the main parking / picnic area of the Avalon area. Just 20 feet from a picnic table is where I found it. So it wasn’t any wild adventure, anyone could find this:

So many questions – How did it die? What was it doing? How old was it? Male or female? Who/what killed it? Who ate all of it? Where’s the rest of the hide? I didn’t expect tufts of feathers.

View along the Patapsco River:

Re-assuring, in case someone needs to be rescued. I wonder how many times it’s been used …

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