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Starling Murmuration Right Over My House

A surprise starling murmurization right over my deck this morning starting at 7:00am. I was lucky to be home this morning, and lucky that I had gone out to fill the bird feeders. Otherwise I would’ve missed it.

Since I last posted about this, I’ve learned that the phenomenon of a huge flock of starlings in flight at the same time is called murmurization. It’s something I’ve seen often and consider it ‘normal’. But Wired Science calls is “one of nature’s most extraordinary sights”. Good article here.

This flock doesn’t seem to be originating from Days Cove in Joppatowne. Possibly. But I think they may be starting from APG.

I’ve wondered why they are flying north. But the instructor at last Saturday’s bird discussion at Anita Leight Estuary Center said that they are heading north to spend the day at Harford Glen. That sounds nice; one day I also will spend the day at Harford Glen.

A really neat video of a murmurization in Scotland, set to music. Such graceful flowing patterns.

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