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Spring Has Exploded!

Spring has exploded! This week was a sensory dessert of color, song, and scent.

  •  2 separate hawk sightings (who knew the ramp from Broken Land Pkwy onto Rt 32 is a hot hawk-viewing spot??)
  • A fox off Rt 32, looking very confused watching cars at 6:15am (make that 7:15am, 1st work day of Daylight Savings Time)
  • Dozens of robins in my neighborhood – lovely chirping to accompany an evening walk
  • Daffodils and crocus
  • Pink, red, and white buds on the trees
  • More bird sounds, and they’re awake earlier. I heard my first bird chirp this morning at 4:50am, more than 2 hours before sunrise. (Why was I awake at 4:50 on a Saturday???)
  • Animal screeches (mating?) in the middle of the night behind my house (maybe that’s why I’m awake ….)
  • Yellow butterfly flitting, lunchtime, Robinson Nature Center
  • Noisy chorus of wood frogs quacking and spring peepers peeping
  • Delightful (though unseasonable) temps for being outdoors – sunrise from MARC commuting; sunset at Lake Elkhorn    

Still visible is the convergence of Venus & Jupiter, easily seen at dusk. Last weekend, while in Delaware, I saw a rainbow (an aurora?) to the left of Jupiter – astonishing. Could not get a pic of it though.

A mid-week check on my osprey nest – the area in front of the nest has been bulldozed – yikes! Wonder what effect that will have on any potential nesting? The ospreys are just returning to the mid-Atlantic area from their winter migration spot in northern South America. Hopefully, I’ll see some activity this week or next.


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