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A Round-up of Nature Observations, week of June 3

Sunday, 6/3  – Robert E. Lee Park

Walking along the boardwalk to the parking lot, I heard people whooping and shouting. I stopped to see what they were watching: a red-shouldered hawk was below us eating his prey, and a group of crows were harassing him. Neat sight to see! (no pictures though)

This morning’s sunrise, creating a shadow on the wall:

Monday, 6/4: 1st tomato:

Tuesday, 6/5: Sunrise, while the moon is still up:

A bank of cumulus clouds over the Gunpowder River, pic taken from window of MARC train:

Later in the day, went to local community college to view the transit of Venus; that will be a separate blog post.

Visited the marsh on the way home & saw saw a critter swimming; I’m guessing it was a beaver but it had a distinct box-shaped head. Also saw a duck – pretty sure it was a merganser, though my field guide indicated they are not here at this time of year. Pic of marsh:

Thursday, 6/7 – a field of black-eyed susans at Robinson Nature Center parking lot:

Thursday, 6/7 – evening walk at Mariner Point Park (MPP)


One of many cozy sitting spots throughout MPP:

MPP is the only place I’ve seen black squirrels. This one is waiting for a hand-out; a cardinal and another unidentified bird is behind him:



but then rain clouds rolled in:

Thursday, 6/7 – something is eating my kale:

Friday, 6/8 – Marshy Point (no pictures)

  • frog hunting in the pond
  • owl calling (barred owl) – one responded, several times
  • bug-catching tent

Saturday, 6/9 – early morning walk at Mariner Point Park

great blue heron sitting on the boater’s speed limit sign:

a pair of mallards:


Other sightings, but no picture:

  • a fox
  • odd-looking bird: maybe a baby cardinal? The bird’s body was red like a cardinal and his bill was orange. but his face looked like a lizard – it was leathery, no feathers and there was no tuft
  • several bluejays, red-winged blackbirds, and the ubiquitous cardinals

And I’ll end with this picture of today’s early morning sunlight at the park:

Thanks for walking along with me!

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