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Glimpses of Nature This Week

oops, I tried a different method of posting and the pics came out way too big …

Work commitments kept me indoors most of the week so nature observations were short and where I could find them:

Saturday: pretty clouds. I love watching the sky


Sunday: an evening visit to the “Home Depot Marsh”. I startled a duck. The “gray” line through the green marshy water is  the sign of his path as he quickly paddled to escape from me.


Monday: a very hazy morning over the Gunpowder River, via the MARC train window


Friday: clouds and the start of the sunset of the Gunpowder, again via MARC train window


Sat: a very pink sunrise


Sunday: Havre de Grace – Canada goose and parasailing


Other observations: I hear much more bird song in the morning along with some new sounds; haven’t been able to ID it. I don’t have a good memory for sounds yet, so buy the time I listen to my bird song CD I’m not sure what I’ve heard.

A bluejay has visited my back deck several times. But the grackles chase him away.

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  1. You’re so right! The birds have been very noisy this week — lots of insistent fledges and frantic parents.

    June 18, 2012

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