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There Is Just So Much Nature Outside My Door …

Each day, I continue to be amazed at the nature surrounding my little suburban development town home.

On any given day, on my back deck, courtesy of my bird feeders, I will see: bluejays, cardinals, mourning doves, goldfinch, wren, house finches, house sparrows, grackles, mockingbird, and a catbird.

It’s about 1:00am when you acknowledge that having a frog in your backyard is no longer enchanting.

My backyard transformation into a native garden / wildlife habitat is well under way. I need to post pics before this drought kills my new native plants. I have not seen many butterflies yet; maybe because I’m never home during the day.

I visit my “Home Depot” marsh areas 2-3x a week. Tonight I spotted 3 egrets, a heron (not sure if it was a green or a great blue – too far away), several red-winged blackbirds, 3 ducks (haven’t ID’d them yet). I’ve been seeing a mute swan there but my field guide doesn’t indicate them as being in this area. Luckily I found eBird, and others have posted sightings of a mute swan in this marsh. No swan here in this pic, but I thought the sky was pretty:

Osprey … there are so many osprey here in southern Harford County!  I have found three more nests; I found them while driving. I need a bumper sticker that says “I break for osprey”. Here’s a mini pictorial:

Nest #1 – hah! those metal canopy things on the arms of the pole could not stop the osprey. Though the original huge nest has been dismantled, the osprey have returned:

Nest #2, at the Leight Estuary Center:

Nest #3, just south of the Riverside business park:

Nest #4 – NEW! Well, it’s not a new nest, just new to me. This one is atop one of the Riverside business park buildings:

Nest #5 – along Rt 40 in an industrial area:

And nest #6. This is on the way to Rt. 24. I recently discovered another “environmental area”, thanks to eBird. This nest is along that area. I caught the osprey flying away:

I’ll close out my little update with a pic of today’s sunrise over the Bush River, taken from the MARC train. MARC needs some window-washing …

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Great post Neita, fantastic eye & wonderful osprey nest shots, love the ‘unique’ osprey nest on the building! Oh, and great bumper sticker idea, I need one too! 🙂

    July 22, 2012

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