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Before & After Pics – We Were Lucky In Eastern Harford County

I toured the water’s edge around Joppatowne / Edgewood / Abingdon. In this area are tributaries that pour into the Gunpowder and Bush rivers – both of which empty into the Chesapeake Bay.

We were very lucky that hurricane Sandy dissipated as quickly and as much as it did. Even with significantly less rain than predicted, the Gunpowder River  has crept close to Rt 40.

Here are some pictures of what areas looked like before Sandy and then late this morning, after the storm:

The boat launch at Mariner Point Park, Joppatowne, on a nicer day:

And this morning, the piers are submerged:

Speed limit sign, with a great blue heron atop, before. I’ve added a red arrow where the water level typically is:

and today:

The kayak launch “beach”. I circled in red some grasses that are normally on the sand, not underwater:

Still at Mariner Point Park, along the Gunpowder River. This is a nice view towards the homes in Joppatowne:

The same spot today:

For the following scenes, I don’t have “before” pics, so I’ll describe the typical scene. Route 40 heading towards Baltimore City is closed because the Gunpowder River has flooded it. I couldn’t stop along the road, but there’s a park trail to what is typically a small stream you can cross on foot. Not today:

Another typically small stream Gunpowder tributary, along Rt 40 at Joppa Farm Road:

Further north east of Edgewood, Otter Point Creek goes under Rt 40 as a barely-noticeable stream. Today:

Continuing towards Abingdon, there’s a small park along Rt 40 with a nice view of the Bush River. The water is flooding the meadow:

I think we’ll have more flooding, as noted earlier, when the water flows southward from Pennsylvania and New York. The Susquehanna River begins near Ithaca, New York. That’s a lot of miles to travel and pick up volume to dump into the Chesapeake Bay!

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  1. Glad to hear you didn’t get hit as hard as others. 🙂

    October 30, 2012

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