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Snow Geese Sighting – Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Snow geese are celebrities in the bird-watching world. One reason is the snow-like spectacle when the flock lands in a field.


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Their appeal lies in several factors:

Fascination with their migration – Snow geese breed in the Arctic tundra, and fly hundreds of thousands of miles, as far south as the DelMarVa region, where they winter. Their typical wintering habitat is coastal marshes, bays, wet grasslands, and fields – where they forage for leftover seeds and grains.

They travel in huge flocks – They make a striking picture often flying in V-formation. Whether they are in a V-formation or not, by following each other, their shapes make pencil etchings against the sky.

Sparkling snowstorm images – As these hundreds of thousands of white birds descend to a landing, their wings can catch the sunlight and sparkle. As they gather in a field, it’s as if a snowfall blankets the earth.

Last week, I vacationed in the Delaware Bay region. I was lucky to view a small flock of snow geese at two different spots. First, at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, a pic of the geese in flight.

snow geese_sky

Later, in a random farmfield along a curvy country road, the geese began to descend. I captured video and pictures from my car window.


geese at field


close up

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  1. Beautiful patterns in the sky

    December 2, 2012
  2. Yes, thank you! I enjoyed watching then in the sky and in the field.

    December 2, 2012

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