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One of my favorite nature journals is a book by Mark Garland titled “Watching Nature – A Mid-Atlantic Natural History”. One reason I love the book is because he writes about the places I am familiar with and are accessible to me.

In describing winter, he talks about his hibernation instinct. “I want to come home straight from work, read a book next to the wood stove, and sleep 12 hours each night”. I can identify with that as well; it’s basically what I did the past few months …

Mark continues with “there’s much activity for a naturalist to explore” if one only fights the hibernation draw. The few weekendS I chose to tackle the dreary, cloudy, cold days and explore winter nature, I stuck close to home. There were no long day trips for me since Thanksgiving. Which ties in nicely with my philosophy of finding nature just outside my door.

Here are a few pictures of the winter that is moving out ever so slowly this year:

  • The daytime grays and browns of overcast skies sometimes started with soft pastel sunrises
  • and brilliant orange sunsets
  • a sunshiny day gave us sparkles on the water
  • we had light snow several times, but nothing substantial

pastel sunrise   orange sunset

sparkles   snow_trees

I am welcoming Spring!

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