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Nature – Its Influence on Writing

“Nature’s influence on the creative process” is the beginning of the back cover description of George Szanto’s book, Bog Tender – Coming Home to Nature and Memory, the latest book on my nightstand. That phrase triggers thoughts of my own experience with nature and how it links to my creative process – one outcome being this blog.

The nature of summer is one of action verbs: hike, chase butterflies, slog through mud, run through a sprinkler, explore new trails, stroll with children through the woods, kayak along a lake’s edge.

Action verbs aren’t sit, reflect, study, create. Those roll back into my life as the days get shorter, nights become quieter, and a slowness and inward-turning characterize nature.

And so, writing takes a backseat to the activity of long, bright, summer days. Days full of activity and exploration. Until the urge to slowdown, nest at home, and rest takes over as the season changes. And in the quiet space — like before sunrise, before the wren sings and the bluejay lands on my deck calling for food, when the cricket chorus has softened to a meditative backdrop — thoughts can burble up.

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