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Distracted by Morning Nature Activity

Do you leave for work in the daylight? I usually leave when it’s still dark; it’s rare that I’m still at home when the sun is up. Wednesday was an exception. So I was distracted by all the morning activity that I usually miss

Leaving my house, I caught the tail end of the massive flock of blackbirds. In the fall and winter, thousands of starlings, grackles, cowbirds, and red-winged blackbirds fly north from their night-time roost to forage in the farm fields of northern Maryland.  They fly right over my neighborhood. It’s an impressive sight. The flight lasts for several minutes. This is what the stream of birds looks like (picture from last year):

bird flock

A neighbor walked over and asked me about them. Like I originally thought, she assumed they were migrating and was curious as to why they flew north. She is so fascinated by them, she times walking her dog so she can be outdoors watching the event.

After that conversation, I finally hopped in my car for the commute. I looked up and saw a hawk perched on this tree:

tree_no hawk

A squirrel was on an upper branch taunting it. Back & forth along the branch, the squirrel would come closer and the hawk would motion it for it to get away. Finally, the hawk must’ve had enough. It stood and spread its wings frightening the squirrel. I’ve never seen a squirrel dash down a branch as quickly as this one did.

I started to go back into my house to grab my binoculars so I could attempt to ID the species of hawk. And almost bumped into this spider, busy on its beautiful orb web:


A few pictures of the spider and the hawk was gone. I decided it was about time to get into my car and go to work.

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