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Succumbing to Hibernation

snowfallA blizzard hit our region this week-end, giving us over 30” of snow. It’s now four days after the storm, but plows have not touched the streets in our neighborhood. And so we have shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled – enough to make access for emergency vehicles and those folks who really needed to get to work.

Many of us, including myself, could work from home. The storm was predicted well in advance; we had plenty of time to stock up and plan to be homebound for a few days. This is my sixth day of not going anywhere, except outdoors to shovel.

Surprisingly, I’m relishing this respite from busyness. It’s as if Mother Nature is sending a signal: Slow down! Rest up for the activities of summer when the days are long again! ’Nest’ at home with family!

Instead of struggling to get out and get on with my normal running around, I’m surrendering to these obstacles and staying put.

I found that I don’t need to head to the store for entertainment. I don’t have ‘cabin fever’. I’m enjoying working through the odds and ends in my freezer and pantry. I’ve had time to plan summer trip ideas rather than keeping up with the hustle and bustle of trying to get somewhere else.

I like hibernation.


Junco tracks on my front porch:junco tracks

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  1. I like hibernation too! I do hope you’ve seen a snow plow by now. I was finally able to venture up to see my new grandson in Carroll County on Wednesday since the storm hit, he was born last week Tuesday, and Friday to Monday was a killer on me not getting to see him! 🙂

    January 29, 2016

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